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Too many companies cannot afford the technology that would make their operations run smoother. The companies that can are struggling to find qualified staff, people who can innovate and deliver. Aluksons Business Solutions LLC. is a US based Technology consulting company that helps companies leverage technology to solve the challenges they encounter everyday and to save.

We focus on innovation: Engineering, managed services, business planning & management, forecasting, risk assessment, automation, cloud technologies, cybersecurity, team building and documentation assistance, software development, marketing, hiring. We want to get you up to speed. We want to keep our services Easy, Affordable, Secure for You.


Our engineers are seasoned and have worked with leading companies. The expertise of our teams enables us to maintain a high profile while offering a wide range of solutions to our clients:

Management Services


Business Development
  • Automated Telephonic Response Systems, IVR

  • Website and Application development

  • Telephony and Video Conferencing Solutions

  • Cloud platforms and services

  • Reliable Email systems with improved security and indexing 

  • Strategy

  • Automation

  • CRM

  • Logo Creation

  • Marketing Services

  • Advertising solutions

  • Call center management

  • Social Media marketing and processes

  • Security Compliance with standard market regulations.

We will help you scale!

We also evaluate and remediate security issues and mitigate vulnerability to cyber-attacks.


We have a globally distributed team spread out across three continents.

Our experts have tens of years of experience implementing these solutions for the very best companies in their respective industries.


Our most distinguished clients are Viacom (MTV) and All State Insurance, however we also provide solutions for clinics, pharmacies, tax and immigration companies, and Maison David Attia, a luxury carpet installation company.


"If you're going to dream, you might as well dream big"  - Lionel Aluka, CEO

Born in France and originally from Togo, Lionel has lived in 9 countries and speaks 6 languages including French, English, and Spanish. Lionel has helped over 30 companies including many fortune 500 companies increase their bottom line, leading multi-million dollar technical consulting efforts with Accenture (One of the big 4 consulting firms) , Abbott Laboratories , SallieMae , Wrigley , Wheels Inc , Motorola , WorldColor , IPSoft , and Walgreens to name a few.

Lionel has a US government issued secret clearance and over 15 years of professional experience in cloud and server infrastructure, network architecture and IT security , web design , marketing & strategy , planning , and project management. The University of Illinois graduate was as Developer , Test Engineer , Network , Security and Wireless Engineer , Reporting Administrator , Network Architect and project manager  before he founded a consulting company. He has since been interacting with C-level executives and spearheading our company toward new heights.

Lionel had speaking engagements at the University of Illinois, was featured on the FlorideTV and Serious Talk shows. He won a few singing competitions, and was also the winner of a Microsoft Learning Scholarship in the USA. Lionel, a member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy also serves as mentor at Saint Andrew’s boarding school in Boca, and helps some of the brightest high-school students in the United States with entrepreneurship aspirations turn their business ideas into million-dollar investor ready companies. He sings, reads and teaches technology courses in his spare time.



Reliable - Technology & Support - for - Less

We strive to provide the same opportunity and affordable, quality services to all businesses. We want to develop mutually benefiting long term partnerships with our clients. Technology should be simple, and Aluksons Business Solutions LLC. wants to be your technology advisor. We aim to become a leading provider of affordable strategic consulting services in developed and emerging markets.


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Our company continues to establish global strategic partnerships and develop new markets throughout North & South America, Europe and Africa. We recently entered a partnership with Cafe Informatique and Dashmake, and this allow us to leverage 100+ seasoned engineers to reach out to and better serve our larger clients. Our previous and current clients, Viacom, Maison David Attia, AllState Insurance to name a few, are established companies located both domestically, and overseas, and they love our work. We are an accredited minority owned business. Our experts have tens of years of experience implementing Microsoft, Cisco, and other solutions and designing and troubleshooting for the very best companies in the industry.

We would love to explore a partnership with your company. Contact us to see how you can get started today.


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