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Last updated on 3/23/20


On March 13th, 2020 The US Government declared a national State of Emergency. On the same date, The New York Times revealed a CDC projection estimating that the U.S. corona virus epidemic could infect between 160 million and 214 million people over a period of more than a year — and kill anywhere from 200,000 to 1.7 million people in the country

Since, in the United States, schools have closed! Businesses have closed. Almost all events that gather more a few people have been canceled. Airlines? Shut down. Entire cities were put on lock down with their constituents being "allowed" to break their quarantine only for essential needs: food, doctor visits, dog walks and medicine pickup mostly.

The NUMBERS as of Sunday March 22nd, 2020...

Per USA Today more than 32,000 case of corona virus have been confirmed, and the death toll has hit 400 in the US.  Globally... the numbers are at 329,000 confirmed cases, 140,000 infected, 14,000 deaths, and 95,000 recovered.

airlines cancel imag of a JetBlue plane... image source unconfirmed
concerts canceled: ultra music festival closed.  image source unconfirmed

Prompt action was taken by the US Government to help families and businesses, but a 1 Trillion dollar Corona stimulus package to blunt the effects of the Corona virus is not guaranteed to pass, amid conflicts between political parties.

In times of crisis, we the people must rally and take action. We must make every effort to pull ourselves out of this pandemic. We must work together! Waiting for help is not a good enough option.


We have decided to do our part. We want to provide individuals, small, midsize and larger companies with the necessary insight and tools to make the correct decisions, recognize safe and unsafe technology, adequate from inadequate technology. Because inadequate technology means great loss. We are consultant and engineers, but we are also educators.

We will help disadvantaged communities develop the technology that will have therm work safely remotely. Or provide supplies better, quicker, safer, faster!

Please subscribe to our page. we will provide you with insight and info.

Please remember, this is NOT a permanent situation. It WILL pass. We will get through this. Together! We will succeed!

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