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How do I hire overseas? Top 12 features you must have when leveraging cloud technologies to hire remote resources


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The cloud can be leveraged to break distance, spatial barriers and to manage outsourced staff effectively and safely. The business owner looking to hire full-time staff for less and the entrepreneur looking to accomplish more work at a lower cost want to consider joining the many companies that are already leveraging the cloud today to transform the way they do business.



A medical practice looking for assistance scaling (outsourcing) reached out to our company. After conferring with them and doing some extensive research, we put together a cloud based solution that may prove useful to at least one reader. In this article, you will gain a clear understanding of what the cloud is. This article describes in an actionable fashion what you need, and what you want to take into consideration to safely hire and integrate cost effective full-time remote employees into your organization. And no, we are not referring to the online freelance resources you can hire on websites proof a document or write you a legal document at a lower cost.


The medical practice was looking to securely hire entire third-party departments overseas, and you will also see one way this can be done. Finally, you will get a clear understanding of how affordable these solutions are. Our company, Aluksons Business Solutions LLC has been helping companies do this for the last couple of years, and we can do the same for you.



The word Cloud points to a concept many still do not fully comprehend, and it continues to receive mixed reviews: indifference, curiosity, and serious concern. How could information be transported to or held in the sky? Why would anybody want to put their personal information, let alone their company sensitive data in a Cloud of any kind or hire people overseas?


First of all, what or who is the cloud? This article by Bonnie Cha describes it better than I ever could:

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It has nothing to do with things in the sky; it actually refers to software and services that run on the Internet and can usually be accessed through a Web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. An external repository for information that you can access with an internet connection. Your Instagram profile is in the cloud. So are your Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat photos and conversations (Yikes)! Simple, no?

Now that we all understand what the Cloud is and the concerns it may pose, how can we use it to hire and manage remote in the US or overseas? And how do we make sure we are doing it in a very secure manner? The answer to the second question may simply be that you consult experts like Aluksons Business Solutions LLC. who can help you select and implement the most secure cloud solutions based on your requirement, but let's focus on answering the first question for now.


At times a client will present requirements that look like very complex mathematical equations with lots of requirements and an incredible amount of challenges (see photo below). It is a good consultant's responsibility to turn requests such as our practice's owners' into a more feasible project.

Our first task was to show our client that the problem he tasked us with, which was to help him build the infrastructure to leverage a team of 5 "corporate" employees + 12 "non corporate" on-site billing software agents + 6 pharmacies in segregated physical locations + several third party departments, external companies that clients could call at any time of the day for assistance could be broken down and resolved in few steps instead of the 10 or 11 we initially received. Leveraging the most secure external cloud solutions (or servers that are not in-house) on planet Earth, and trusting us to deliver the same features that high powered organizations utilize would allow our client to accomplish this task for a LOT LESS than they were looking or expecting to spend.

We transcribed their requirements into actionable terms.

Were the client to get all those requirements built by us, they would be getting many essential features for a cost in the teens (as in ten) of thousands USD (setup investment). They would then ONLY pay about half that amount on a yearly (recurring) basis! This recurring amount may or may not include support fees.

Here is a list of twelve (12) of the top considerations an employer who is looking to make this financial investment wants to make, the features they need, the items they want to plan to have if they wish to have a high powered secure organization :

Encryption (security), company emails, artificial intelligence and analytics for insights and improvement, visibility into the team's general availability/schedule, a central online repository, intranet, collaboration spaces, online meeting tools, and employee/user account management and administration are just a few of the features they must have to keep track of their remote hires.

A Single company number across the entire organization, telephony meeting tools, and the ability to initiate calls directly from an email complete our list of 12 requirements that make hiring remotely and an easy, safe and well regulated task made possible by the cloud. Why do you want to hire remotely? Remote labor is typically considerably cheaper than local resources!

All employees would be working from the same logical office. This equates to them sitting next to each other.

Many other tools would make employee/client communications, client management and followup, and process automation very simple, but they will be a topic for another conversation. We invite you to subscribe on our website to receive such future communications.


The Cloud constitutes a safe repository for documentation. Per the FBI, there were 1,401,840 burglaries in the US in 2017, with victims of burglary offenses suffering an estimated $3.4 billion in property losses in 2017. The average dollar loss per burglary offense was $2,416, and burglaries of residential properties accounted for 67.2 percent of all burglary offenses. In 2018, there were an estimated 7,196,045 property crime offenses in the nation and losses were estimated at $16.4 billion .Your home or work office are as unsafe as they are expensive! With the right amount of security, the cloud represents a place that is much safer than your office. Also, with the cloud, gone are the needs for physical storage or expensive office spaces to store all your company and clients' documentation.

VoIP interfaces very well with cloud technologies, and this correlates to incredible savings on telephone bills. Many of the cloud service providers will offer VoIP (telephone) solutions that are many times less expensive than your current telephone bill.

Your team will also usually receive word processing, database management and even sometimes application development tools when you implement cloud technologies in the workplace. FOR FREE! But the most important savings you'll benefit from when you switch to the cloud are time and convenience savings. Time contacting colleagues or driving back to the office; time waiting for your entire staff to gather in the meeting room; time waiting for a document or an email to be sent to you, and the convenience of not having to leave your wife and kids or friends in a middle of diner to go pick up a document at the office; the ability to work online with John on your staff presentation.


A fully automated cloud solution with VoIP based voice and messaging capabilities would integrate with individual corporate emails ex: , Video accounts accessible from multiple devices (laptop, phones, tablets, the internet) for each user, a telephony solution that would reflect a single organizational number, VoIP calling for each user independently of physical location, and an auto responding service with multi-language setup capabilities would allow simple communication. A company intranet would allow peer exchange, documentation, group training, team communications and adequate project management capabilities. Access-based setup enables full control of documents and visibility, and cloud based active directory administration would allow for full control of the user accounts (creation, deletion, suspension, password management, and many more). Training for the local IT teams would be easy and intuitive, and reporting and automation would be as simple to set up as they are helpful. Outside (third-party) organizations would be relatively easily integrated into this setup.

Perfect scaling solution; very secure thanks to the encryption, many, many advanced authentication procedures, access control features and very regular security & compliance checks. No circuit setup, no on-site PBX, no expensive routing and fire-walling solutions unless explicitly requested by the client. You can hire as many offshore resources or work-from-home full-time employees as necessary, and can finally truly provide 24/7 service at an extremely affordable cost.


Granted, we are oversimplifying a problem that is very complex and will take hundreds of hours to implement, but the point is that one time setup fees and year one cost to implement involved projects such as the one above can be in the teens (ten) of thousands of dollars, and recurring yearly payments can cost half that amount. These amounts are many times less than the cost of physical office space + desk & chairs + office supplies + electricity + water bills you'd rack up for each employee in your physical office.

This is of course for a fully cloud based solution and there are many other setups that combine various levels of hybrid combinations. Solutions that require the integration of complex existing architectures and data-center integrations, VPN access, circuits, legacy PBX, cloud-cased routing devices, IP addressing, various bandwidth and QOS considerations and more will require lots more planning, equipment, resources, and may get costlier, but combining the cloud with your current infrastructure, using it as backup or migrating altogether to the cloud could prove to be one of the most revolutionary decisions in the history of your company.

Picture being able to do all your work from home... Accessing all your work files documents within seconds... never having to get back to a client in 24 hours about a question they asked, because that data is now accessible at all times, collaborating in real-time, following team progress without actually having to set a up meeting with any of them in person or the ability to record your team presentations and to finally have the less outpoken attendants participate in every meeting... all this with much more security than you've ever had!

Imagine the amount of TIME you would be saving! Imagine the monetary savings to your business, the improvement in quality of life, and thus the boost in morale for many of your employees! Did we mention the amazing cost savings, and greater scaling flexibility?

Get in touch with competent technical consultants like Aluksons Business Solutions. They provide innovative approaches to resolving any issue your business will encounter. They will always provide ways for you to better manage your company.

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