Technical expertise does matter, and we only leverage the most qualified individuals. Computer Support, Server Support, Software / Application Support, Network Support, Security Support, Wireless & VoIP Support. Remotely or In-Person, experience better service. Save Time. Gain in efficiency. See what real engineers will do for your business

Managed Services / Computer Support

We will develop and manage your website for rates starting as low as $1000....

Let you worry about something else. You deserve more attention. We'll help you get it

Website Design

"Thank you for Calling Aluksons Business Solutions; for English press 1. For ​​French, press 2".

Automated responder, IVR, Call recording and monitoring, Reporting features, Multiple extensions, Solving the outsourcing riddle, events scheduling... We have done it for many others. We will do it for you as well!

Telephony Solutions

Multiple locations? Are Geographic Challenges making it hard for you to manage multiple teams? Need a process to centralize intra-network communications? Documentation? Timekeeping? Real-time collaboration? We can help! The time has finally come for you to experience the benefits and security of a transition to cloud based environments

Intranet / Internal Company Internet

Please Help us Serve you better!

Our videos have generated Millions of views for our clients and considerably raised their company profiles. We make extremely inexpensive Logos, Flyers. Are you lost and not sure where to begin? Just start here. Our consultants will guide you through the maze. Remember, consultation is Free

Media : Logos , Videos , Flyers , Business Cards

    Let us help you reacquaint yourself with email. The better versions. We will teach you how to perfectly organize your business, automate replies, and to how to secure your systems. You’ll save time and greatly increase efficiency

    Electronic Messaging

      From the automation of trivial tasks to invoices, emails, followup, and even Chatbots, our consultants will recommend technologies, and help you implement them to save time and eliminate repetitive tasks. Automate, Automate, Automate. Let us show you how


        Never again will lose track of a conversation or a pending action with your clients, prospects and interested parties. Leverage AI to get insights on your existing customers, get new leads,  and to automate many, many tasks of yours. lack of solid CRM is why you don't know it's been 8 months since you last followed up on an eager former client


          Team meetings, Remote work, Online classes and Live Training... We will help you unlock the secrets to making it a reality for your company Today! Internal communications made easy

          Video Conferencing

            Doing business locally is necessary. Extending to a Worldwide audience is a essential in 2019. All the successful companies are there. And Social Media is one of the single greatest tools to get attention. Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, IG. We will help you strategize, and double, triple your business

            Marketing , Social Media , SEO , Online Presence
            • Facebook
            • Instagram
            • Twitter
            • YouTube

            Let us provide your company with the necessary documentation, the right resources, to hire quality employees and to effectively weed out the bad seed. We will represent you at company events. We can help with the interview process as well

            Event Scheduling , Representation

            We will help you prepare your business plan, growth model, strategic plans, do your market research, and prevent catastrophes. Because those DO happen.

            Business Planning , Market Research , Growth Planning & Risk Mitigation

            It all starts with a consultation. 50% of all businesses do not last 5 years. Spend little Now to Save BIG Later! Your first 30 minutes are on us ( = FREE ), so you have nothing to Lose. Start here.


            Aluksons Business Solution will help you leverage technology to solve your problems.

            Get going Today! Start here.

            Outsourcing , Call Center , Autodialer , and more...

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